Survey Results

We conduct a survey on the last day of every class we teach. Check out our results below.

98% of students say they have a new appreciation for nature.

52% want to participate in more than one of our programs.

86% of students want to major in a field related to the natural sciences.

100% want to come back to a national park after completing the program.


We think our programs are awesome! But you don’t have to take our word for it. Below are a few testimonials from past students and their parents. Contact us to share your testimonial today.

“I had a blast in the Living Classrooms program! I learned so much about the environment and science. Our teacher was nice and knew a lot about nature.”

– Shelley Student

“My son Jason participated in the Junior Naturalists program and still wears the badge he was given around the house. When we visit our state’s national park as a family, Jason spouts all sorts of knowledge about nature and the park. It’s amazing what they are able to teach these children!”

– Peter Parent