Train Teachers To Go Beyond Science Standards

Schools no longer have the budgets to help science come alive in their own classrooms, but teachers haven’t given up on creative solutions. Our annual survey of partner schools shows that the Living Classroom program benefits science teachers just as much as the students. Why? Because it’s an incredible learning experience and professional development opportunity that they get to have along with their classrooms.

From the responses to our annual questionnaire, we also learned that:

  • Teachers believe students learn best in stimulating environments.
  • Teachers believe field trips in general offer unique learning opportunities, but teachers typically measure learning through tests.
  • Teachers want field trips to have a detailed schedule where all students interact with the same exhibits/presenters, so they can give their class an assignment based on their experience.

We can do more, together.

At a time when many things are becoming standardized, from curriculum to testing, Nature Knowledge wants to be a part of the support system for our teachers. By offering the Living Classrooms program, we can help teachers meet and exceed educational requirements for their students and also provide lesson plans and activities that they can bring back to their classrooms for the future.

Join us as we work to develop solutions that use our public lands for good! Please give to the Living Classrooms program today and provide field trips and professional development opportunities that strengthen our schools.