Help Sponsor a Student for Next Summer

Bug in Jar

Each year, teachers across America tell us about students that would benefit from Nature Knowledge programs but lack the financial ability to join us. Your gift of $50 or more helps a student connect with the natural world by sponsoring their participation in one of our three programs.

For next summer, we’ve worked with schools to identify 50 hard-working students that have a strong desire to pursue STEM careers but need more support than they can get at home. So this year we’re launching a 50-for-50 campaign where every $50 donated ensures a spot for one of these students. Join us in meeting this ambitious goal!

Current Status of the 50-for-50 Scholarships

Why protect what you don’t know?

One of the concerns we hear again and again is, “How do we expect the next generation to protect something that they don’t know about or have never experienced?” That’s where Nature Knowledge has a role to play. By making sure that there are better and equal opportunities for students to have transformative educational experiences in nature, we help ensure that the next generation has the tools and environmental ethics to conserve our special places and animals.

“I’m so grateful that your organization is taking nature deficit disorder very seriously. I’ve seen so many students just in my own school that are so eager to learn about the planet but are limited to what they read in books.”

– Ellie Educator

Consider making your $50 donation today. Your sponsorship also makes a great gift for a friend or family member that cares about the outdoors and wants to see today’s young leaders shaped by its power and beauty.